Make the management of external teams in Transport and Logistics easier

You can create checklists and action plans for any type of audit and inspection



Large, medium and small companies in Transport and Logistics use the leading checklist software in Latin America


Security inspections and risk management

Perform fleet maintenance control, safety inspections, and load and unload control with periodic checks. Schedule the application of checklists and resolve non-conformities through action plans. Follow these actions with the analysis of reports, implementing specific improvements with a focus on operational efficiency.


Standardization of processes in Transport and Logistics

Gestão de equipes externas

Management of external teams

With several employees working outside, checklists help to follow activities. This speeds up the identification of accidents or different events on the route. Furthermore, it is possible to organize routes, optimizing employees time, making processes faster and more productive.

Damage inspection

By implementing a check pattern in the loading and unloading processes, you can identify faults in the goods. This type of audit contributes to losing control, cost management, and risk management.

Inspeção de avarias

Technical surveys

In the proper fleet management, technical inspections collaborate with work safety. That's because vehicle maintenance audits help prevent accidents. Then, tire, odometer, and body inspections protect drivers and identify trucks that need maintenance.

Loading and unloading control

In the loading and unloading processes all the information of the goods must be collected: checking of notes, labels, identification, and storage. By standardizing this procedure, you can streamline inputs and outputs, in addition to reducing the time spent on organizing data and subsequent reports.

Controle de carga e descarga

Popular checklists in Transport and Logistics

Main uses and application suggestions


Transport and Logistics Efficiency

Checklist by image

vehicle maintenance, the imaging feature indicates the exact location of the inspection

Identification of relapse

From the record of non-conformities, the system automatically identifies recurrences

Digital signature

When applying checklists, it is possible to add the responsible's digital signature


With GPS, you can capture and follow the date, time and location of drivers


Results in Transport and Logistics

Via Lácteos

Zero Accidents, this is our goal. For this, we mirror the aviation model, and we use three pillars in our Management: Telemetry, Preventive Maintenance, and Constant Training. The Easy Checklist helps us in Preventive Maintenance, with daily vehicle checks as well as Constant Training, as the Instructor Driver records on the platform all information about the training given to other drivers. So, with this partnership between Via Lácteos and Easy Checklist, we see that we are on the right way for Zero Accidents.

Ary Patrick

Safety Supervisor


Using the Easy Checklist, we achieved a 100% reduction in the inventory of the company's vehicles. Today, we are able to identify any breakdown, mechanical and electrical problems in vehicles, through checklists. Thus, our Fleet Maintenance team is able to carry out immediate studies through the images of each vehicle, acting directly on the problem and reducing the time of the vehicle stopped at the repair shop.

João Carlos O. Preto

Senior Traffic Coordinator


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