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Routine conferences and incident prevention

Follow the training of employees, quality control, and maintenance of environments with periodic inspections. Schedule the application of checklists and resolve non-conformities through action plans. Follow these actions with the analysis of reports, implementing specific improvements with a focus on operational efficiency


Standardization of processes in Tourism,
Hospitality, Leisure and Events

Manutenção de equipamentos - hotelaria

Equipment maintenance

In places with a higher concentration of people, maintenance needs to be even more rigid to avoid major incidents. With daily checking of equipment and machines, staff and customers are protected and incident expenses are avoided

Events organization

Structuring ceremonies, parties, and gatherings require detailed preparation to avoid unforeseen events and guarantee the satisfaction of the guests. Accurate questionnaires guarantee compliance with all items for the event to take place successfully, such as cleaning, decorating the environment, the order of presentations, among other aspects.

Organização de eventos
Plano de prevenção de incêndios - hotelaria

Fire prevention plan

Security is a fundamental aspect for any company that works with events. Preparing for risky situations is a way to offer a protected environment. For this reason, you can structure fire prevention plans, considering strategic emergency exits, visible indications, clearing of passages, and employees training.

Evaluation of teams and environments

Keeping all environments to a high standard of excellence requires routine checks. The assessment of teams and spaces needs to be regular. By structuring checklists by area, you can easily identify points for improvement and make more accurate decisions, according to specific needs.

Avaliação de equipes e ambientes - hotelaria

Popular checklists in Tourism, Hospitality, Leisure and Events

Main uses and application suggestions


Efficiency in the Tourism, Hospitality, Leisure and Events Segment

Media resources

With photos, videos, images, and files, you validate the information by item

QR Code

Using QR codes on the equipment, you guarantee the presence of the auditor on the place.

Checklist by image

When maintaining environments, the imaging feature indicates the exact location of the inspection


With an overview of the audit data, you develop specific actions to improve services


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