Structure internal processes in all Service sectors

You can create checklists and action plans for any type of audit and inspection



Large, medium and small companies in Services use the leading checklist software in Latin America


Routine checks and organization of audits

Following the organization of internal processes, quality control, and work safety with periodic inspections. Schedule the application of checklists and resolve non-conformities through action plans. Follow these actions with the analysis of reports, implementing specific improvements with a focus on operational efficiency.


Standardization of processes in Services

Inspeções de rotina

Routine inspections

Regardless of the configuration of your business, there are regular checks that need to be carried out. With personalized checklists, all your facility processes can be scanned. By automating audits, you can collect and store data easily and securely. And, it also optimizes team time and productivity.

Service order control

Non-conformities are identified in recurrent checks. It is necessary to resolve them so that the processes are increasingly effective. Action plans or work orders can be applied by checklist item or for an entire questionnaire. Also, it is possible to assign those responsible and submit the solution for approval by the supervisors.

Controle de ordem de serviços
Gestão de pessoas servicos

People management

Data management for employees or contractors can be done through satisfaction surveys or personalized checklists. Training planning, registration of termination interviews, collection of feedback, and employee progress can be documented and analyzed quantitatively and qualitatively.

Workplace Safety

To guarantee the health and well-being of workers, occupational safety audits are essential. You can structure checklists based on official regulations, avoiding penalties, and maintaining the integrity of employees.

Segurança do trabalho servico

Popular checklists in Services

Main uses and application suggestions


Service Efficiency

Action Plan

Detailed guidance to act on non-conformities streamlines the solution

Approval Flow

Submitting resolutions to acceptance increases the quality of service

Relapse Identification

When recognizing repeated problems, it is easier to act on time to solve them


With the audit data overview, you can take specific actions to reduce costs


Results in Services


The Checklist has been a great tool to meet our information gathering needs. It is an easy and safe way to find all the answers, something that for Kroton is extremely important since we have more than 180 units participating in the surveys, And in case of doubts, we can count on the support of the IT team to solve possible problems.

David Patrick



When using Excel spreadsheets, we made a monthly average of 1 (one) checklist for each client. With the system, it is now possible to make 2 (two) checklists daily, without much effort. And the best part is that the leadership is able to monitor the entire operation even from a distance and, in this way, monitoring and reminding local applicators to carry out the checklists correctly and constantly.

Marcelo Ferreira

Marketing and P&D Director


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