Optimize checklists in Industry

You can create checklists and action plans for any type of audit and check at the factory



Large, medium and small companies in industry and engineering use the leading checklist software in Latin America


Audit, inspection, and maintenance under control

Ensure the quality and safety of work for your employees with safety inspections. Schedule the application of checklists in the industry and resolve non-conformities through action plans. Follow these actions with the analysis of reports, implementing specific improvements with a focus on operational efficiency.


Standardization of processes in Industry

Auditoria de qualidade

Quality audit

By combining the application of checklists with the management of non-conformities, you keep everything registered and prevent losses. Productivity increases, expenses reduce, the quality of the product or service improves and the use of materials is optimized.

Safety inspection

You can personalize your checklists according to the rules of workplace safety, preventing accidents and protecting employees. With this, several checking processes can be carried out: electrical risks, safety devices, use of personal protective equipment, and equipment conservation.

Inspeção de segurança
Auditoria de fornecedores

Supplier audit

With supplier audit, you raise the level of the product or service offered, prioritizing customer satisfaction. This is possible by structuring standards for the use of raw materials, ensuring the quality of the products used.

Maintenance inspection

To avoid damage to machinery, it is necessary to keep your equipment in good repair. By performing periodic maintenance, whether corrective, predictive, detective, or preventive, you identify non-conformities and reduce costs by acting quickly.

Vistorias de equipamentos industria

Popular checklists in Industry

Main uses and application suggestions


Efficiency in Industry


Create a sequence of checklists so a inspection is done in the correct order and link the steps, forcing the completion of one for the other to start.

QR code

Using QR codes for environments, you ensure the auditor's presence on site

Approval Flow

With structured hierarchical levels, it’s possible to validate and approve inspections


To avoid forgetfulness, you can schedule maintenance audits


When organizing data by department, the management autonomy of the sectors is preserved


Define penalty discounts on the checklist score when there are delays or on recurring items of non-compliance.


Results in Industry


Easy Checklist is a tool that gives us different control possibilities, the agility of information, and even more security of data, both for the evidence of processes and daily activities, as well as for essential auditing consultations. The software adds immeasurable value in daily operations. With speed, dynamics, and flexibility of use.

Bruna Arruda

Operations and Distribution Analyst


Easy Checklist is a flexible and very complete system to use that allows you to create checklists for any process in the factory. We were able to scan many processes that used papers and spreadsheets, generating better productivity for the teams.

Marina Parpinelli

Innovation | Industry 4.0 | Digital Transformation | Project Management | Data Science


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