Total control of the processes in Health, Beauty, and Well-being

You can create checklists and action plans for any type of audit and inspection



Large, medium and small companies in Health, Beauty, and Well-being use the leading checklist software in Latin America


Control of receipt and compliance with regulatory standards

Perform audits of documentation, visual merchandising, and loss prevention with periodic inspections. Schedule the application of checklists and resolve non-conformities through action plans. Monitor these actions with the analysis of reports, implementing specific improvements with a focus on operational efficiency.


Standardization of processes in Health, Beauty, and Well-being

Inauguração de franquias

Franchises Opening

With the checklists application, the standardization of franchises is agile and efficient. It is possible to define the mandatory items for opening the stores. It is still possible to attach the support of images, videos, or comments, to ensure compliance with the guidelines, resulting in organized establishments and accordance with the brand identity.

Field consultancy

With the presence of the auditor, local aspects are observed.The unit is checked periodically, ensuring standardization. Also, other local actions can be taken, such as training for employees and planning of marketing actions.

Consultoria de campo
Aplicação de cliente oculto

Hidden client application

For the implementation of a hidden client, the standardization of the interviews is important when analyzing the collected data. The use of checklists is essential to list and record all the points to be investigated, resulting in a complete and detailed study of the competitors.

Loss Prevention

Recurring inspections avoid the prevention of losses since there is a verification of damages, expiration dates, temperatures, and other precautions for the conservation of goods. This way, you prevent the items from being discarded unnecessarily, and you can provide sales or storage strategies for each type of product.

Prevenção de perdas

Popular checklists in Health, Beauty, and Well-Being

Main uses and application suggestions


Efficiency in Health, Beauty, and Well-being

Checklist by image

The visual indication of the items to be checked ensures the standardization of the stores

Personalized checklists

By customizing questionnaires, you address all hidden client application items

QR Code

Using QR codes for units or environments, the auditor's presence on the right place is confirmed


With the data overview, you elaborate specific actions for the standardization of units


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