Raise the standard of quality in Food and Beverage

You can create checklists and action plans for any type of audit and inspection



Large, medium and small companies in Food and Beverage use the leading checklist software in Latin America


Safety, quality and organization

Follow food safety, quality control and loss prevention with periodic inspections. Schedule the application of checklists and resolve non-conformities through action plans. Monitor these actions with the analysis of reports, implementing specific improvements with a focus on operational efficiency.


Standardization of processes in Food and Beverage


Food Safety

You can personalize your checklists according to food safety rules, keeping your stocks in accordance with sanitary inspection. With this, several checking processes can be performed: transportation of materials, storage of products, cleaning and use of personal protective equipment.

Loss prevention

The application of checklists, as a way to standardize processes, directly results in the prevention of losses. This is because it is possible to keep the records of each applied checklist. Also, you have an overview of all processes and identify the indicators of losses, review the activities and follow the indicators.


Quality Control

By structuring standards for each area of your business, quality management is easier. With the application of checking surveys, it is possible to identify flaws and points for improvement to maintain and raise the quality of your product or service.

Workplace Safety

In order to guarantee the health and well-being of workers, occupational safety audits are essential. You can structure checklists based on official regulations, avoiding penalties and maintaining the integrity of employees.


Checklists in Food and Beverage

Main uses and application suggestions


Efficiency in Food and Beverage

Media resources

With photos, videos, images and files, you do a complete inventory control

Action Plan

At the time of checking, you already activate the action plan to resolve non-conformities


You schedule maintenance audits and never forget to check


With the audit data overview, you can take specific actions to reduce costs


Results in Food and Beverage

Assaí Atacadista

Assaí is very worried about the health of our customers and employees. Easy Checklist allows us to manage all stores at the same time, understand where we can improve our business, and deal with nonconformities. If it were all on paper, it would be more complicated.

Natalia Figueiredo

Food Safety Technical Training Coordinator


The Easy Checklist facilitates both for those who apply it and for those who are supervised, because we are able to follow up on the operational excellence that the brand seeks, in a timely manner, to correct in the best way everything that arises in a supervision visit or technical assistance.

Javier Ochoa

Franchising Director

Chillim Balam

Easy Checklist is a tool that I definitely recommend widely, it is very interesting as it can be adapted to different issues and procedures within a store for both supervision, auditing and maintenance. This allows us to give very configurable monitoring and, above all, is very easy.

Enrique Osoviecki

General Director


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