Process Control for the Construction Industry

Create checklists and action plans for any type of inspection in buildings and property maintenance.



Large, medium and small companies in the construction industry already use the leading checklist software in Latin America


Safety, quality and productivity

Reduce unnecessary processes and tasks with the organization processes and work safety through periodic inspections. Follow the quality and safety work with schedules for the checklists application in the construction industry and resolve any non-conformities with action plans. Monitor all activities with reporting analysis, implementing improvements with a focus on operational efficiency.


Construction Industry Processes Standardization

Controle de qualidade industria

Quality Control

Combining the checklist application with the management of non-compliances, its records and reports are complete and help to prevent losses. Consequently, productivity increases, expenses decrease, product/service quality improves and it is even possible to optimize the materials used.

Safety Inspections

Your checklists can be customized following work safety standards, which prevent accidents and protects employees. With this, several checking processes can be used, such as verification of safety devices, use of personal protection equipment, and equipment conservation.

Inspeções de segurança industria
Vistoria de manutenção

Equipment inspections

In places with a higher concentration of people, inspections need to be perfect to avoid damage to machinery and keep all equipment well maintained. With periodic inspections (corrective, predictive, detective, or preventive), it is possible to identify non-conformities and reduce costs by quickly resolving them.

Evaluation teams and environments

For the teams and environments evaluation, whether internal or from third parties/suppliers, a very used resource is the structuring of checklists by area, which facilitates the identification of problems and points for improvement. It also helps you make decisions according to the specific needs of your industry because the data and reports are specific to people and places.

Avaliação de equipes e ambientes industria
Integração com o Sienge industria

Sienge integration

With the official integration between Checklist Fácil and Sienge Software, it is possible to increase the agility of your business processes with solutions added throughout the construction and development chain, allowing the focus to be your management strategy and avoiding risks and waste and rework.

Sienge is specialized in the construction industry and allows the connection of the best technology solutions for the growth journey of companies in the area. Integrated with Checklist Fácil functionalities, this becomes a powerful tool to increase productivity with process automation.

Construction Industry Popular Checklists

Main uses and application suggestions


Efficiency for the Construction Industry

Media Resources

To register the works diary and validate information by image

QR code

To enable checklists on equipment and specific areas of work

Checklist scheduling

To schedule audits and notify those responsible automatically


To monitor results, identify any failures and act to resolve them


Results in the Construction Industry


The simplicity of the platform allowed us to make the digital forms the way we needed them. As a result, the team's adaptation was quick and very assertive. We eliminated terrible bottlenecks and physical processes that depended on just one controller and therefore built up daily. The parameterization of the digital checklist also brings us good quality information.

Marco Tullio Miraglia Neto

Maintenance manager


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