Improve the operational efficiency of your business

Checklist Fácil is a software for companies that use checklists and action
plans in audits or inspections of processes, stores, factories, vehicles, people, equipment, and environments.

Digitize checklists

Ensure standardization

Reduce operating costs


Features that optimize inspections

Build smart checklists

The questions are related to each other based on predefined conditions

The checklists available in the system are ready to use

Guidance through hints facilitates checking processes

Item inspection provides visual indication

Selected answers require mandatory action

Apply checklists

The app is native and built for the best user experience (Android and iOS)

The inclusion of attachments (photos, audios, videos) helps to prove inspections and non-compliance

Applications can be made without the need for internet, with subsequent synchronization

The use of QR code and bar code to identify units and equipment optimizes the audit

Application by item allows solving each non-compliance with specific solutions

Create a cadence of checklists for the check to come out in the correct order and link the steps, forcing the completion of one for the other to start.

Manage nonconformities

The resolution of nonconformities can be monitored

The inclusion of attachments (photos, audios, videos) helps to prove inspections and non-compliance

Solutions may be subject to approval by supervisors

Action plans can have an established due date

Action plan templates can be in 5W2H format or customized

Repeated non-conformities are identified by the system

Control operation in real time

Reports by user type allow an overview of checking processes

Integrations bring more possibilities to customize data visualization

Defining user and unit types customize permissions on the system

The monitoring of all registered appointments can be done by user, questionnaire, unit or region

The classification of the units shows a comparison between the stores, by period, questionnaire, department or region


Complete records with integrations through API’s


The Checklist Fácil method

We build, together with our customers highly efficient operations with digital checklists

Operational efficiency

With the Checklist Fácil methodology, you scan processes, have access to current market practices, and achieve results through standardization and continuous improvement.

Taking control of your data, making decisions, and restructuring your operation is much easier!

All of this results in greater productivity and growth of your business!


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