Easy Checklist and Softplan:

Together, building a solid future

11 years ago, when we borrowed a room of 30 m² and 10 thousand reais to start our company, we had no idea where we were going to get to.

But, we knew that, regardless of the business, surrounding yourself with good people and taking good care of them would be a good recipe.

There were 11 products launched until the Easy Checklist, 7 years ago. That’s why EMPATHY and ATTITUDE are our main values ​​today.

With this software we realized that we could, digitizing checking processes, delivering more operational efficiency to our customers, making their lives at work easier.

Our biggest challenge was to deliver our platform to small, medium, and large companies, in different segments.

This was only possible by understanding the organization's pain and daring to build new solutions that did not yet exist in the market. Today, about 40 thousand checklists are applied daily!

Listening to our customers and focusing on people, the referrals started to happen naturally. Users of the solution shared their positive experiences with Easy Checklist  in groups and social networks.

Also, we received some awards and arrived in international markets. Anyway, from there, a lot of good things happened.

So, we realized that to go even further, an exceptional partner would be the best alternative. A company that had values ​​and purpose very aligned with ours.

After a lot of searching, even outside the country, we discovered that our crush lived next door, in Florianópolis. A solid company, with almost 2 thousand employees, who are the basis of everything.

It was 14 months of dating, to announce, with full conviction that this is the best step we could take:


From today on, Easy Checklist becomes part of Softplan!


Checklist Fácil - Powered by Softplan

We will start a new journey, at this time, supported by one of the largest technology companies in Brazil, with thousands of customers and a lot of accumulated experience. Now, our dreams can be even bigger!

However, our main focus still the same: people, because, are the ones who take care of our customers!



Our greatest thanks to the team of Checklisters, who make everything happen day after day!

We also thank everyone who passed by our house and left a brick in this building.

Thanks to the partners who supported us (Galapos, Zavagna Gralha) and our family members who follow us on this journey!


Rafael Zambelli - CEO

Rafael Abreu - Technology Director

Maurício Fragoso - Director of New Business


Softplan acquire scale-up Easy Checklist 

The strategy seeks to diversify Softplan's portfolio and expand digital transformation in the market verticals that companies operate

Softplan, one of the main software developers in Brazil, acquired 51% of the quotas of the Easy Checklist scale-up, developer of software for creating and applying checklists, audits, inspections, and action plans. With the operation, Softplan will take control of the scale-up, which is valued at R$ 46 million. New contributions are foreseen by the company in the coming years, with the business evolution, which will continue to operate independently in its segments and with the co-founders as executives and shareholders.

The announcement is part of the strategy of Softplan's new M&A area, to manage the company's mergers and acquisitions. The company's commitment to acquisitions seeks to strengthen the current business units and expand the portfolio with strategic investments in complementary markets.

The investment in the scale-up will expand Softplan's operations in the private market, operating in new business verticals with a transversal solution. Another bet is on synergy with current products from Softplan's business verticals, guaranteeing growth projection for the coming years. With this acquisition, Softplan surpasses 6,000 customers. “Since our foundation, we have always promoted digital transformation, digitization, and dematerialization of processes and workflows. The solution developed by Easy Checklist seeks to promote operational efficiency and is completely aligned with the purpose of Softplan'' comments Guilherme Tossulino, an executive who will be responsible for the newly created M&A board at Softplan.

For Easy Checklist, the synergy of mission and values ​​with Softplan was the differential for the negotiation. “Although many investment funds tie in with their smart money thesis, I found Softplan with a solid structure, knowledge, and market experience that will add to Easy Checklist business as a whole. This alignment focused on real digital transformation in all segments is the mission of both companies and will continue to be our north from now on ”, says Rafael Zambelli, CEO of Easy Checklist.

Easy Checklist software is present in 14 countries, in 10 different market segments, and has already applied more than 10 million checklists. Among the big customers are names like Toyota, Unilever, Natura, C&A, AMBEV, Cacau Show, Pizza Hut, Renault, Centauro, Posto Ipiranga, and Smart Fit. All scale-up customers will continue to be served by Easy Checklist. The partners Rafael Zambelli, CEO, Rafael Abreu, Technology Director, and Maurício Fragoso, Director of New Businesses continue to lead the company. Also, he takes on a strategic position in the scale-up: Diego Marafon, who will act as Director of Operations.


The Easy Checklist

The Easy Checklist history begins in 2009, when the current CEO, Rafael Zambelli, together with Raul Zambelli, his father, current partner of the company, and former commercial director, undertook in a borrowed room, creating a company called RZ2, with an initial investment of R$10,000. In the second year of the company, another partner, Maurício Fragoso, joined to reinforce the technological part. After several attempts and 11 different projects, in 2013, entrepreneurs created the SaaS (Software as a Service) Easy Checklist, which today is the startup's product.


About Softplan

Softplan is a company specialized in translating knowledge and technology into solutions that simplify and generate more value to the Public Management, Justice, and Construction Industry markets. It is considered one of the largest software developers in the country, guiding public and private organizations in the search for more efficiency. It acts daily to promote fundamental changes in the lives of thousands of people who benefit from its products.

Currently, Softplan has more than 5.5 thousand customers and almost 2 thousand employees throughout the national territory and in Colombia. In 2020, the company was recognized as one of the 50 Southern Innovation Champions in the country, prepared by Grupo Amanhã and consultancy IXL Center for Innovation, Excellence and Leadership, from Cambridge, USA. It is also one of the “TOP 100 Open Corps” of 2020, a ranking that recognizes the major companies most engaged in open innovation in the country, and is part of the top 3 in the Corporate category of the Startup Awards 2020, conducted by ABStartups. It also closed 2020 as the 16th best IT company to work in Brazil and the 7th best company to work in Santa Catarina, according to GPTW.