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The Easy Checklist Culture

Essentially, we were born to promote operational efficiency. But, we go much further than that, because we value what matters: People. Challenge, growth, and continuous learning are part of the routine of a Checklister. Our values move us. With a light climate and positive energy, we build transparent relationships and strong ties between people! We wear the green shirt and we are very proud to belong! A united team, formed by an incredible group, a true family.

10 facts about Checklisters!

  • Passion for operational efficiency
  • Proud to wear the green t-shirt
  • More than a company, a family
  • Happy hour experts
  • Always looking for innovation
  • Respect for individualities
  • Relaxed and light environment
  • Constant evolution
  • Teamwork
  • Commitment to delivering results to clients

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We all have the same goal: to transform companies operational efficiency

  • Rafael Laguna Zambelli

    Rafael Laguna Zambelli


  • Maurício Fragoso

    Maurício Fragoso


  • Rafael Abreu

    Rafael Abreu


  • Raul Zambelli Neto

    Raul Zambelli Neto


  • Ana Vitória Soares

    Ana Vitória Soares

    People and Management Team

  • Anderson Esmeralda

    Anderson Esmeralda

    Development Team

  • Bárbara Quadros

    Bárbara Quadros

    People and Management Team

  • Bianca Aguiar

    Bianca Aguiar

    Customer Success Team

  • Brunna Theobaldo Lima

    Brunna Theobaldo Lima

    Sales Team

  • Cássio Pfutz

    Cássio Pfutz

    Development Team

  • Christian Fritsch

    Christian Fritsch

    Development Team

  • Claudia Nascimento

    Claudia Nascimento

    People and Management Team

  • Cristiano Clesar

    Cristiano Clesar

    Development Team

  • Cristina Caprioli

    Cristina Caprioli

    Solution Team

  • Dainara Silva

    Dainara Silva

    People and Management Team

  • Deize Beux

    Deize Beux

    Marketing Team

  • Dilmar Miranda

    Dilmar Miranda

    Sales Team

  • Elias Lopes

    Elias Lopes

    Development Team

  • Erika Martinez

    Erika Martinez

    Sales Team

  • Fabiane da Silva

    Fabiane da Silva

    People and Management Team

Differentials and benefits

  • Monthly happy hour
  • Snooker
  • Foosball
  • Hot coffee
  • Language class
  • Day off every semester
  • Fruits and cookies
  • Food and meal vouchers
  • Transportation vouchers
  • Health and dental plan
  • Extended paternity leave
  • Discount Partnerships
Great Place to Work
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  • São Paulo

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