Easy Checklist transforms companies, processes, and people

+30 million checklists applied

+150 thousand active users

+1000 customers

+14 countries around the world

The Easy Checklist

Easy Checklist wants to make companies more efficient, improve the quality of life at work, making people happier. With a quality product and our method, the focus is on automating, facilitating, reducing costs, and achieving results. All of this was developed from the experience built as a leader in the electronic checklist in Latin America. Today, delivery is even greater: the transformation of the operational efficiency of each customer's business.

A Softplan company

In 2021, we started a new journey, this time, supported by one of the largest technology companies in Brazil - Softplan, with a portfolio of thousands of customers and a lot of accumulated experience. So our dreams can be even bigger! However, our main focus remains the same: people, after all, are the ones who take care of our customers!


Gathering people, business and technology

  1. 2009 - 2010


    Foundation of RZ2 - Management Systems in a borrowed room in Porto Alegre-RS.

    The three founding partners: Maurício Fragoso, Rafael e Raul Zambelli
  2. 2012


    Launch of products Easy Management: Easy Chat, Easy Satisfaction Survey, Easy Expansion, Easy Training, and Easy Checklist.

    Checklist Fácil team
  3. 2013


    Total dedication to the Easy Checklist product, which becomes SaaS (software as a service).

    Easy Checklist Office
  4. 2015


    The beginning of internationalization with the branch office opening in Mexico.

    Rafael receiving the Export Award
  5. 2018


    Change of headquarters and part of the team to Florianópolis, for greater integration with the technology ecosystem in Brazil.

    Team in the Florianópolis office
  6. 2019


    New branch office in São Paulo, as a member of Inovabra and Cubo.

    Checklist Easy Office at Inovabra - São Paulo
  7. 2020


    Launch of the new Easy Checklist: more modern, more efficient, and even easier!

    Easy Checklist team in front of the Florianópolis office
  8. 2021


    Together, building a solid future

    Logo Checklist + Softplan
  9. Now


    The transformation of the operational efficiency of each client's business.

Mission Transforming through operational efficiency

Vision To be a global reference in solution for operational efficiency


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    Focus on Customers
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Customized solutions for your business

Veja por segmento

Veja por segmento
Food and Beverage worker applying checklist by tablet

Food and Beverage

Perform safety inspections and avoid losses

  • Loss prevention
  • Quality control
  • Food safety
Worker of the Trade, Retail and Wholesale segment

Trade, Retail and Wholesale

Control stores and keep defaults on all units

  • Franchise standardization
  • Maintenance and cleaning
  • Store Opening
Man wearing PPE working in the industry


Create checklists to meet good manufacturing practices

  • Process control
  • Workplace safety
  • Machinery inspection
Man using PPE inspecting construction work in the construction industry

Construction Industry

Optimize your logistical control through the construction industry processes standardization and ensure the expansion of your business!

  • Delivery inspection with customer
  • Construction diary
  • Service and Material Inspections
Health, beauty and well-being worker

Health, Beauty, and Well-being

Keep your business in accordance with legislation and regulatory standards

  • Field Consulting
  • Loss prevention
  • Visual merchandising
Service worker holding a tablet


Standardize processes and control quality

  • Standardization of processes
  • Service management
  • Quality control
Two workers in the transport and logistics sector

Transport and Logistics

Control and follow routes, drivers and refunds

  • Control Routes and Travel
  • Management of external teams
  • Vehicle inspection
Couple of guests being welcomed in hotel

Tourism, Hospitality, Leisure and Events

Control events and training with checklists

  • Reception control
  • Event organization
  • Training planning


What do our customers say?

  • Centauro

    Trade, Retail and Wholesale

    Just four months after we started using the Easy Checklist, we noticed a reduction in the time for evaluating stores: Before, only 2 units a week were evaluated, we increased it to 5. The duration of each audit, which before was approximately 2 hours, it was reduced to about 30 minutes. With the Easy Checklist, we have total mobility within the store, which gives us more agility to evaluate each area of ​​the store. Today, the sales area has an efficient management tool. The quality of the information is incomparable, the system is very intuitive and dynamic.
    Leandro Korting

    Leandro Korting

    Regional Manager

  • Riachuelo

    Trade, Retail and Wholesale

    The best example of how the Easy Checklist helps us to improve the operation was that through audits with the tool, was identified that the average waiting time of customers in the checkout line for payment was very high (about 15 minutes) Once the problem is identified, we create an Action Plan to solve it.
    Sergio Santos

    Sergio Santos

    General Manager

  • Bibi

    Trade, Retail and Wholesale

    The Easy Checklist is a tool that we implemented in 2015. Before, our audits were done manually. The Easy Checklist came to qualify our information and speed up our network standardization analysis, facilitating decision-making for results and improvements.
    Camila Kohlrausch

    Camila Kohlrausch

    Retail Director

  • Via Lácteos

    Transport and Logistics

    "Zero Accidents, this is our goal. For this, we mirror the aviation model, and we use three pillars in our Management: Telemetry, Preventive Maintenance, and Constant Training. The Easy Checklist helps us in Preventive Maintenance, with daily vehicle checks as well as Constant Training, as the Instructor Driver records on the platform all information about the training given to other drivers. So, with this partnership between Via Lácteos and Easy Checklist, we see that we are on the right way for Zero Accidents."
    Ary Patrick

    Ary Patrick

    Safety Supervisor

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