Transform your company's operational efficiency

With Checklist Fácil, you will simplify activities, save time, make better decisions, and generate more results!

Transform your company's operational efficiency

With Checklist Fácil, you will simplify activities, save time, make better decisions, and generate more results!


+1000 companies have chosen Checklist Fácil

With more than 30 million checklists applied, Checklist Fácil is consolidated as a leader in Latin America
and has been transforming the operational efficiency of companies from different segments!


Does your company use checklists?


Checklist Fácil is a software for companies that use checklists and action plans in audits or inspections of processes, stores, factories, vehicles, people, equipment, and environments.

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ROI up to three years.

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Optimization of hours worked.


How does Checklist Fácil work?

Explore more than 150 features to customise your checklists

Build smart checklists

Apply checklists

Manage noncompliances

Control the operation
in real-time


Features that optimize inspections

Multiple Departments

Use the system in any department and get an overview of the audits performed

Alerts and reminders

Reduce emails with in-app warnings and notifications and save time

Offline app

Apply checklists even without internet and guarantee the check-in areas without connection

Data security

Keep your data safe and have all your information backed up


Create a sequence of checklists and link the steps.

A complete software for your daily life


Connect with other systems (BI, ERP, CRM) through API’s and automate processes

QR code

Create QR codes for environments and / or equipments to ensure the presence of the auditor at the right place

Action Plans

Use action plan templates for each checked item and save time in the survey


Program checklist applications, avoiding forgetfulness and ensuring the routine of checking processes


Operational efficiency for your business

Food and

Perform safety inspections and avoid losses

Trade, Retail and Wholesale

Control stores and keep
defaults on all units


Create checklists to meet good
manufacturing practices

Construction Industry

Optimize your logistical control through the construction industry processes standardization and ensure the expansion of your business!

Health, Beauty, and Well-being

Keep your business in accordance with legislation and regulatory standards


Standardize processes and control quality

Transport and Logistics

Control and follow routes, drivers and refunds

Tourism, Hospitality, Leisure and Events

Control events and training with checklists


The Checklist Fácil method

We build, together with our customers highly efficient operations with digital checklists

Understanding pain
We learn from customers and study the market constantly to understand the dynamics of the segments and the particularities of each business.
Deliver the solutions
We support the implementation process and provide precise guidance on the best way to use the tool to achieve your goals.
Follow the evolution
We analyze the usage metrics to suggest more possibilities for applying the system, with resources that optimize the processes and strategies.
Expanding the results
We guide the structuring of other operations of your company, bearing in mind to expand the operational efficiency of your business, through technology.

Operational efficiency

With the Checklist Fácil methodology, you scan processes, have access to current market practices, and achieve results through standardization and continuous improvement.

Taking control of your data, making decisions, and restructuring your operation is much easier!

All of this results in greater productivity and growth of your business!


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