Checklist Fácil Checklist Fácil Checklist Fácil Checklist Fácil Checklist Fácil

Save time and improve your management using Checklist

Easy Checklist you can apply checklist using tablets or smartphones (no need for internet connection), it eliminates the needs of spreadsheets and papers, and creates online reports​.

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More than 260 clients

We exist in 12 countries and we serve more than 18 millions items

How it works

  • Use in tablets
    and smartphones
    (no need for internet connection)

  • Data Collection
    in real-time

  • Eliminate using
    papers and spreadsheets

  • Take immediate pictures

  • Insert comments

  • Create action plans

  • Managing and solving
    problems from

    (keep track at any moment
    of the progress of the action plan)

Implementation & Training
Without additional cost

Create your
own checklists

providing the best service is our priority

Equipe de Pós-venda

After-sales Team

We observe daily all your steps on the system to guarantee you get the best use.

Suporte Técnico

Support Team

You may contact and speak with one of our technicians using Skype, e-mail, online chat or Whatsapp.

Ideal for


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Construction company

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Industry and Manufacturing

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Some examples of using

Models of Checklist that are available to use

  • Consulting Field
  • Stores' operating (Opening and Closing)
  • Work safety
  • Prevention of loss
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Food Safety
  • Quality Certificates (ISO, environment etc)
  • Credit Analysis
  • Shop Grand opening
  • Vehicle Inspection

Success Cases


"The Checklist Fácil in our business concept, is an indispensable tool for succesfull and expanding the network of Tevah franchises."

Vladmir Portz
Partner - Director


Hotel industry


"Using the Checklist provide flexibility and guarantee the best services to our guests, it facilitated my application and it made the managers a lot more interested in reviewing the results."

Marcos Tomiello

Casa e Construção

"For a long time we needed to standardize what should be checked during our visits to the stores. The ChecklistFácil provided this. Today we get the customer´s feedback, and we could see how it pays off."

Jacir Vanzetto
Director Controller


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